Polkamarkets Launches POLK Token Through Polkastarter IDO and Uniswap Listings | CoinCodex

7 minutes ago | Aaron Watts Decentralized predictions market project Polkamarkets has completed its token sale through the Polkastarter platform, and the project’s POLK tokens are now available for trading on Uniswap. Polkamarkets is combining decentralized predictions markets with DeFi incentives and NFTs Polkamarkets will be launching an on-chain predictions market on the Polkadot platform … Read more

This blockchain solution is offering 0% commissions for processing crypto payments | CoinCodex

18 hours ago | Aaron Watts Judging by the level of attention Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have received recently, it is obvious that this rather nascent industry is finally going mainstream. In the past few months, the crypto sector welcomed significant investment from institutional players, including Tesla who recently purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. … Read more

What is BOSAGORA’s T-Fi Project? | CoinCodex

2 hours ago | Aaron Watts T-Fi is a relatively new phenomenon within the cryptocurrency space and stands for true finance. It’s a new concept by BOSAGORA, who are trying to address the issues that exist with DeFi, which in their view is narrow. T-Fi can be used in the real economy and, once launched, … Read more

Biden And The Democrats – Bitcoin Proponents or Something’s Fishy? | CoinCodex

an hour ago | Aaron Watts Joe Biden’s victory has been presented as nothing short of a cataclysm for the world, especially some industries that had held their breaths in anticipation of who would become the next master of the White House, tentatively asserting the economic policy and regulatory frameworks the new administration would be … Read more

A fundamental guide on what you should know about Cardano | CoinCodex

19 minutes ago | Aaron Watts In a world where almost everything can be done online, people have found new ways to streamline payment processes and purchases by investing in cryptocurrencies. Though cryptocurrency is still on its way to becoming part of mainstream payment solutions, a lot of people have already seen its potential in … Read more

Orion Protocol Releases ‘Launchpad Liquidity’ With DuckDAO First to Try the White-Label DEX | CoinCodex

2 hours ago | Aaron Watts Liquidity aggregator Orion Protocol has announced that DuckDAO, a community-backed decentralized incubator, will be the first product to utilize Orion’s new Launchpad Liquidity solution. With Launchpad Liquidity, the Orion team intends to reimagine the broken fundraising process for new incubated projects, starting with DuckDAO, a Polkadot-powered incubator that democratizes … Read more

TRON Announces Strategic Partnership With Reef Finance to Bolster Its DeFi Push | CoinCodex

10 hours ago | Aaron Watts Key highlights: TRON and Reef Finance have entered a strategic partnership Reef Finance is a liquidity aggregator and yield engine built on Polkadot Reef Finance will provide access to the TRON DeFi ecosystem through its platform TRON partners with DeFi project Reef Finance TRON has teamed up with DeFi … Read more

Analyzing Jigstack’s Lemonade stand, the ultimate DeFi fundraising platform | CoinCodex

an hour ago | Aaron Watts Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is growing to become a household name in the financial sector. It was one of the highlights of the cryptocurrency industry in 2020, with some stakeholders dubbing it the “future of finance.” True to their assertions, the sector grew by over 2500% in 2020, with the … Read more

How Blockchain Can Bring Decentralization Back to an Activity as Old as Time | CoinCodex

Blockchain technology has helped innovate many industries and is continuously being experimented with and adapted to legacy business structures. One high-value sector that suffers from age-old structures is that of online gambling. Gambling is arguably as old as civilization itself. People gambled with one another and there were no organized gambling houses or casinos where … Read more