It seems like Bitcoin and Cyrptocurrencies are always being talked about in the news. Especially since the recent explosion in price with BTC reaching an all time high above $40,000 for the first time! There’s a bunch of videos on Youtube talking about how to buy, Bitcoin, Etheruem, Litecoin, etc. but the videos don’t talk about the most important factor of where to store these coins after you’ve spent you hard earned money on them. That’s why I made this video. This video talk about where I personally store all my Cryptocurrencies with BlockFi and why you should too! This can also be a great way of passive income earning you almost 9% in passive free interest. I would also go as far to say that BlockFi is the best place to hold/store your crytos in 2021! When storing your cryptos you want to make sure it’s: 1. Safe and secure – you don’t want to someone to be able to steal your coins/money 2. Paid interest – if you’re holding BTC, ETH, LTC, Etc. you should be paid to do so, since holding the coins are very volatile and you’re taking a big risk. Therefore, you should be rewarded! With BlockFi you can earn up to 8.6% interest. Compared to my Ally bank high interest savings account which only pays me 0.5% on my money. That’s a 12x better rate with BlockFi. 3. Convenience – It’s very easy to access BlockFi on my iPhone app or on the computer. You can easily check how much your portfolio is worth, how much APR the coins are making, and the overall interest you collected for the month/year. Two other really amazing with BlockFi is that there’s no fees while buying or selling your crypto! Also you even get a loan against your portfolio, so you don’t have to sell your position incase you need cash. Sign up to BlockFi and get free $10 worth of BTC (after $100 deposit): Tell me down below in the comments what cryto do you hold the most of? For me, it’s about 70% BTC, 25% ETH, and 5% LTC. Video timestamp: 0:00 – Intro 0:25 – Criteria for Storing Cryptocurrencies 1:14 – Where NOT to Store Your Cryptocurrencies 2:26 – Where YOU should Store Your Cryptocurrencies 2:31 – Reason #1 – Safe & Secure 3:07 – Reason #2 – Paid High Interest Rate 4:00 – Reason #3 – Convenience/Simple to Use 4:37 – Other Benefits about BlockFi 5:05 – Argument Against Personal Wallet/ Cold Storage 5:36 – Overall Opinion about BlockFi 5:57 – Outro This video is a full honest review after using BlockFi to personally store my coins. Best Place to Store Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in 2021! (Safe & Earn 8.6% Interest)
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9 thoughts on “Best Place to Store Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in 2021! (Safe & Earn 8.6% Interest)”
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  4. Great video… blockfi was and still is my first choice. I have half in blockfi and half in celsius. I figured if just in case of something horrible I wouldn't be totally wiped out… I actually cash out my interest regularly as an incentive not to ever actually sell my principal investment…

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