I have decided to share my idea of the perfect Trading Strategy for Bitcoin and all crypto. This is for entertainment purposes, not financial advice.

This method works, however factors outside the markets can affect this stuff (like recent XRP) so don’t be greedy, a small win is better than a loss.

Happy to communicate with all, and plan on sharing my trades for entertainment purposes.

I will add regular updates, focusing on which coins I think are next to jump.

I recently lost most of my profits whilst holding XRP, which has kept me awake at night miserable haha, but life goes on.

If you gain from this, I would happily accept any donations of BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC. Donations would be invested back into crypto and help me break the low class chains I was born into.

BTC – 1JsXUZdCDvoLzUDJQGu5kigDML96mr61DX
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Bittrex is my preferred exchange, and all videos will be shot on this platform.

Thanks heaps, 2021 will be big.

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2 thoughts on “Best Trading strategy for Bitcoin/XRP/ADA and all cryptocurrencies 2021 Episode 1”
  1. The rich see economic crisis as the perfect time to invest, i believe now is the best time to invest. Don't just sit back and wait, be wise with a step above others because you see an opportunity where others don't

  2. Subscribed! This makes trading seem easy, please upload next video quickly so I can understand CCI and RSI.

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