BITCOIN Today and Massive BITCOIN NEWS, and BITCOIN Price Predictions, a discussion on 2020 BITCOIN Wall Street Prediction $1, 000,000 BITCOIN!! and on the latest BITCOIN Price news, we look at Why Bitcoin, has exceeded the Visa payment giant by the market capitalization value. Three years ago, in late December 2017, Bitcoin reached the first massive all-time high slightly under $34,000. However, this time rally is different, experts believe, as it is based on interest from large financial institutions and not just on FOMO (β€œfear of missing out”) from retail customers, but After hitting a new all-time high just over $34,000 on Sunday, the price of Bitcoin sunk to approximately $30,900 at press time, a decline of nearly 10.6 percent. While some analysts are saying that markets will shrug it off, others seem to believe that the end of the current Bitcoin rally is nigh (or indeed, that it is already here.)

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