Arca to Join the Bitcoin Trust Race Competing Against Numerous Crypto Fund Rivals – Finance Bitcoin News

Another firm is joining the bitcoin trust sector, as the California fund manager Arca has filed a registration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its Arca Accredited Investor Bitcoin Trust. The trust will compete with a number of competitors including Grayscale’s popular bitcoin investment vehicle GBTC. Arca Files With the US SEC … Read more

Crypto & Blockchain will challenge present finance, Nigeria VP held

Feb 27, 2021 07:17&nbspUTC | Updated: Feb 27, 2021 at 07:17&nbspUTC By&nbspClark Yemi Osinbajo gets possible for crypto & blockchain. Nigeria’s VP, Yemi Osinbajo, brought a speech at a financial top on Friday in which he rods absolutely of crypto & blockchain. ‘There is no query that blockchain technology usually, & cryptocurrencies in specific, will … Read more

Why Are Blockchain Oracles the Life-Blood of Smart Contracts?

Smart contracts operating on blockchains hold the potential to revolutionize businesses globally through the creation of Dapps, DAOs, and DeFi applications. But, to ensure a conducive infrastructure for all such futuristic developments, smart contracts need access to real-world data. Now, here is a glitch- the consensus protocols of blockchains deny access to off-chain or external … Read more

Singapore develops blockchain for verified COVID-19 test results – SiliconANGLE

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the government of Singapore has adopted a new standard for protecting verification for globally interoperable health documents based on tamper-proof distributed ledger blockchain technology. Cryptographic hashes, blockchain technology, privacy protection and proof of identity will be combined to facilitate cross-border verification of health documentation such as COVID-19 … Read more

Cyber Criminals Are Now Hiding Their Stolen Cryptos 13x Faster, Says Report – Security Bitcoin News

A new report unveiled a growing trend of efforts from cybercriminals hiding their stolen cryptocurrencies through different transaction flows. Crystal Blockchain pointed out that since 2019, the volume of stolen bitcoin grew significantly. Only 8% of the Funds Were Transferred to Exchanges With Verification Procedures in 2020 Per the findings, in 2020, the firm said … Read more

B2Broker on B2Core: How to Become a Market Leader in 2021

2021 has been an explosive year for the financial services industry. Retail traders are flowing into markets at unprecedented rates, and market volatility has drawn global attention to the trading space. A number of analysts believe that these trends will only continue to develop. As such, brokerages, exchanges and other financial service providers have been … Read more

NextGen Blockchain Platforms Self-Organize to Win Government Contracts

Washington, D.C., Feb 26, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – Over the previous year, blockchain advancement neighborhoods have actually turned their attention towards winning government contracts. There is a substantial chance provided by increased government costs on blockchain tasks. According to Bloomberg Government BGOV200 Report, federal government costs reached $597 Billion in 2019. However, given that brand-new organizations deal with … Read more

Black Americans are changing the face of crypto and blockchain through education –

In honor of Black History Month, Cointelegraph is recognizing Black Americans who are innovating in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Source: Black Americans are changing the face of crypto and blockchain through education About Author John Rogers With a background in economic history and writing, John specializes in writing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.John is … Read more

Black Americans are changing the face of crypto and blockchain through education

Despite there still being work to be done to even more diversify the crypto area, numerous think the blockchain sector is usually more varied than other tech markets. This might be since cryptocurrency boasts monetary addition and the democratization of worldwide economics, drawing in a variety of individuals from numerous citizenships, ethnic cultures, genders, etc., … Read more

Inside the blockchain developer’s mind: Koinos approaches testnet

Cointelegraph is following the development of an entirely new blockchain from inception to mainnet and beyond through its series, Inside the Blockchain Developer’s Mind. In Part Four, Andrew Levine of Koinos Group discusses some of the challenges the team has faced since identifying the key issues they intend to solve. Earlier in this series I … Read more