markets is a quite simple feature. However, a simple feature should never be underestimated since you will get a great and simple overview in this view. You will see the most important parameters such as, market pair, last price, 24 H change, 24 High, 24 H Low and 24 H volume. In addition, you can browse directly to the trading screen from the markets view. 

Also, just above the market pairs you see that you can browse between the BTC markets, USDT markets and CRO markets. 

When can Markets view be useful?

We use such a function when we will get a fast on the available market pairs. We think it is especially useful if you decide you want to trade Ethereum, for example. However, you are not sure if you want to use BTC, USDT or CRO as the underlying. In this markets view, you can fast see the most important parameters so you can easy make the best choice. 

For example, the 24H Volume is very important to know.


If the trading volume is low, the spread is higher and you will have to pay a higher price for your trade.


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