The president of the ECB Christine Lagarde spoke out against Bitcoin as a currency. She believes Bitcoin is “only” a speculative asset and can never serve as a global currency. Instead she is proposing a global Bitcoin regulation pushed by G7, G20, etc. Will this result in a global Bitcoin ban? Also in this episode: Bitcoin technical analysis. 00:00 Intro 02:08 Bitcoin Technical Analysis 05:41 Global Bitcoin Ban 08:40 Bitcoin vs. FIAT Currencies 10:28 Outro BITCOIN AND ALTCOIN LEVERAGE PLATFORMS: Phemex Bybit Binance PrimeXBT BUY BITCOIN AND ALTCOINS HERE: Coinbase Kraken Binance MY CHART TOOLS: TradingView MY HARDWARE WALLETS: Ledger Trezor STORE YOUR PRIVATE KEYS SAFELY: FOLLOW ME: #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto
Back link DANGER!!! GLOBAL BITCOIN BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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22 thoughts on “DANGER!!! GLOBAL BITCOIN BAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  1. she's just talking about Regulations bro means more KYC thats it not ban it, whatever reasons she gave can be applied for casinos too is she gonna ban roulette now and black jack LoL

  2. There is an irony here. A woman who was charged with financial negligence because of a questionable 400 million euro transfer to a business man is telling us to be wary of Bitcoin because of questionable behaviour around Bitcoin.

  3. ECB is not political institution , therefore cannot ban bitcoin, doesn't have lawmaking or executive power to do that. She should stop talking about speculative asset and pay attention to bank in Europe with toxic actives and money laundering issues.

  4. No wonder things are going to $#!t with people like her at the top, what a joke. Give it a few years n she will be wanting to be paid in BTC

  5. Sorry sunny, but a ban is not equal to regulation. I think we will definitely see more regulation in 2021. But this is not automatically a bad thing.

  6. Got to agree about the subject title I'm afraid 🙁 The creators of Bitcoin foresaw so many difficult scenarios, I don't think this one would have passed them by. In addition to that, SO many big and INFLUENTIAL institutions have bough into Bitcoin that getting support from the people (who lets face it, pull the strings in government) is going to be nigh on impossible. I'll put money on quite a few politicians having exposure to Bitcoin in one form or another. The more I think about it, the less of an issue it appears.

  7. Normally news like this brought Bitcoin down. Not so this time. The lady flexes her muscles but I think it’s a roar of a pussycat…

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