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20 thoughts on “ETHEREUM PRICE PREDICTION 2021”
  1. What I like about this channel is everything straight and crystal clear. There is no “biased bs or wishy washy stuff like other “cryptowhores” keep barking. Keep it up mate your channel is pure gold!

  2. Thanks for the video. I've been accumulating INJ and SWFL based on your recommendation. Good gains so far. I did some research into Insolar. Doesn't seem to be much activity on any of the social media platforms. Community seems unhappy. Github is fairly quiet. Very low volume on the exchanges. The founder and CEO Zhulin seems to be more involved with his current company Soveren. Are you as confident about Insolar as you are with Swfl and INJ? Thanks

  3. Yep, just paid $50 in ETH for a swap on Uniswap. Way too expensive. This could be a real problem moving forward.

  4. Thanks for this video Its almost like the elephant in the room with Ethereum. A double edge sword. You want the gains with the increase but I question the sustainability of the increased price. If it were to kill itself where would you hedge yourself crypto wise. Which other crypto would be best placed to compete or replace it in your opinion?

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