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0:00 $257M ICO?
0:47 $200B Market Cap?
2:27 FileCoin overview
7:59 FIL Price Anlysis
9:11 My Strategy for FIL
13:53 Support the channel!

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR!

35 thoughts on “IS FILECOIN WORTH IT? $257 MILLION ICO FINALLY LAUNCHES (My strategy)”

  1. Medicalveda a defi technology in health sector which allows a doctor in need of capital for expansion of his or her business and also patient needing funds for medical procedure…

  2. Did you check the hardware requirements? Basically, you need a top gaming PC, with a serious GPU, 8 core Intel 10th gen+ or ZEN, additionally with minimum 128 GB RAM and a 1TB NVME… I guess the RAM is the most painful part. Maybe its worth it… if the power cost and the coin price adds up nicely. Could you elaborate on this a bit?

  3. Lvx token makes it easy for anyone to trade in a massive derivatives market without needing a bank account or fiat currency. Telegram @level01io

  4. The 5 of the biggest miners went on strike day 1 of mainnet launch last week. Please do your research. This coin is going to get forked because the miners rewards weren't thought through. That is the real story behind this.

  5. manipulated … check out what the whales did to Bella and ask yourself if you are willing to risk the same punishment with this piece of crap

  6. Went down to $20.66 recently and jumped to over $40 (good trade). But I think it will fall to below $10 soon. Think about it.. 200M tokens need to be sold over the next 6 months. I feel bad that some early investors have to wait until next April. They will most likely miss these high prices and could forced to hold if it drops down to where they paid. They are releasing them slowly to avoid a severe crash and think about it… the company retained most tokens to sell as well. So this is just free money for everyone involved.

  7. Compare this to a 10 million project like Skycoin with years of development. In the long run filecoin wil go to 2$, maybe lower. It would still be a mega marketcap coin with the fast growing circulating supply. People don't understand that the fading hype and the fast growing supply will kill the price, it's really sad this drama happens to noobs every bullrun.
    Buy Fildown on Binance for 3$ and sell in about 6 months.

  8. I'm a huge fan of and was excited to hear that they are now using to preserve their digital archives and have a call out for what to preserve next. Being able to mine with just a laptop is also very exciting!

  9. You make it sound like its easy to become a miner. You still have to buy FIL on market and stake them. You can't just connect with your hard drive and starting earning tokens.


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