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So this video is all about crypto airdrop for free tokens or you can say free money online for crypto users or investors. Make sure you watch this video till end as it has lot of detail about free airdrops which can help you earn $100000 online .

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In this video you will see airdrop for JUL , Metamask , Opensea , Paraswap , zapper and openocean which can give airdrop 2021 . As we say anything is possible in crypto so in 2021 there can be huge NFT AIRDROPS as well so make sure you follow us on telegram so we can keep you posted for latest airdrops .

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Here are websites link :

JUL medium article : https://justliquidity.medium.com/juls
JUL – https://julswap.com/#/swap
Paraswap – https://paraswap.io/#/
Opensea – https://opensea.io/
Metamask – https://coincodex.com/article/9900/ho
Zapper – https://zapper.fi/exchange
Openocean – https://openocean.finance/exchange/BNB

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