Many of you already know the main five cryptocurrencies that I like to follow, but I thought it would be nice to have a succinct video that outlines these five projects. The top 5 coins that I follow are of course Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Cardano, and Polkadot. I think that these five coins will transform the space for years to come and are worth following. Are these your top 5? Which coins make up your top 5? Let me know in the comments! None of this is financial advice! Join the premium list! LIFETIME OPTION: Alternative Option: Telegram: Twitter: Discord: Facebook: Reddit: Website:
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41 thoughts on “My Top 5 Cryptocurrencies”
  1. I remember you talked a lot about nano in your beginning on YouTube. What happened with that? Really like your content!

  2. Great vid as always, was wondering if you hold and theta and your overall thoughts on the project, I’ve been holding it for a couple months and have had great returns

  3. beware youtubers shilling projects. Not one person uses any of these except bitcoin, 99.9% can't even tell you what the 2nd largest crypto even does except "numbers go up"

  4. Really fuckin appreciate you aren’t a click bait YT channel. These are the things that make me consider joining the premium side of your platform

  5. BTC, ETH, ADA, XLM and TRON as the outsider gamble, Justin Sun may not be popular, but he is smart and ambitious. Thx Ben😉

  6. Cardano?.. it's degenerator: has been losing against BTC for years, clear downward trend. The other 4 coins are great.

  7. I use coinbase , yet I have $1,400 in a Binance acct which includes DOT and BNB, but can NOT transfer them to my Coinbase Acct or cash in due to ''Terms of Use' , Does anybody know how i can get my money out??, I was able to transfer my BTC, ETH and ZEC out to Coinbase, but not these, I will pay U a 25% finder fee Thx

  8. Type in ETH on google images, U will see why ETH (pyramid) will be the #1 crypto in the next 5 years, no other info needed, the ruling class has long determined this,, but it always is good to know more data thx Ben,

  9. I've got most of the top ten but I've stacked up on VET because it's just so focused on establishing itself in the supply chain market and COMP because it's a popular defi with such a limitted supply and market cap.

  10. Can you talk about Tether??… anyone following whale watch on twitter can see the massive pumps and dumps, How come almost none of the crypto youtubers talk about it as it is clearly printing whatever Tether they want pumping more the market just as they did in 2017

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