Peanut Trade ICO Review (NUX) Token) Presale & Public Sale Coming Soon | Should you invest in this?

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In this video I talk about Peanut trade. This is a DeFi play that aims to solve the slippage problem with DEX AMM protocols. Thousands of dollar are being loss in DeFi due to slippage. But the volatility and imperfect mechanisms of AMMs make trading on DEXs less profitable due to significant slippage. As a result, users overpay even for minor trades. These are the problems that Peanut solves!

40,000,000 NUX will be minted at genesis. NUX will be deposited to presale addresses and public participants right after each sale accordingly.

Tokens will be unlocked in equal parts on a monthly basis during the next 25 months. An additional 10 million NUX will be shared among all LPs as liquidity mining.

In addition, we will add 20% of raised ETH and appropriate NUX quantity on DEXs for NUX trading pairs.


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7 thoughts on “Peanut Trade ICO Review (NUX) Token) Presale & Public Sale Coming Soon | Should you invest in this?”

  1. Firstly the team is not anonymous (

    Buybacks is one pumpamental usecase that uses the profits generated from the platform, but many don’t realise that LPs will also need to stake 10% worth of NUX to activate the balancing algorithm. So for example, if they want to provide $1m in liquidity, they need to acquire $100k worth of NUX and have it staked.

    Buybacks, Yield farming, 10% Balancing algorithm requirement and low circulating supply of between 1.4m and 2.0m NUX on day 30 are the reasons why it will reach 100x.

    Have a look at the TVL in DeFi exchanges, and their partnership with Curve.

  2. Which token should is good for Investment buy NUX or BCTR? (Bitcratic is 2 Year Old Decentralized Exchange) please give your opinion!

  3. This work is really exciting

    Do you know that $xETH-G punishes sellers through transaction "fees" at a price reactive dynamic rate of the transaction amount? Half of this fee is burnt and half is sent to a pool that's distributed to stakers. Seems profitable for investors?


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