PumpBuster crypto robot VS Manual crypto trading

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This video is about the advantages of robotic trading from compared to manual trading.

In contrast to this, the second part of the video demonstrates the effective operation of a trading robot on an automated trading site.

English text from video:

Hello, dear friend!
This video is about how some people trade cryptocurrency in a “manual” mode, relying only on their intuition.

Here we can see an open long position with the x15 leverage, which the trader opened relying on the following data:
The moving averages cross, the market is after the pump and is, in his opinion, overbought.
He also assumes that the time will soon approach when the founding fee will be charged, and many traders will rush to close long positions,
so as not to pay an additional retention fee.

And then the trader is surprised to find that the price starts to creep up slowly and without volumes.
He decides not to exit the position until the end, believing that the trend is reversal and he can at least close without loss,
and maybe get a profit.

But the seven dollars on the balance sheet could not affect the movement of the market, and something that happens very often
happens – the balance drain.

Now let’s look at how trading with a robot will behave in this situation.

The pumpbuster.cloud website provides an interface for automated trading.

Here we can see the same chart of the ADAUSDT pair, synchronized with the binance exchange.

Leverage X3 is installed on this account.

Select the robot settings preset and run the backtest.

Entry and exit points are put on the chart, and you get a completely different picture of trading, different from the one
which was when trading in manual mode in the same situation.

The robot enters and exits long positions well.

The effectiveness of such trading is very clearly visible on the chart.

If you pay attention to the profit back test for the last year, it shows an excellent result.

With different presets, different pictures appear, and the result is also quite good.

The robot is constantly being improved, exits from positions become more correct.

Trials are underway to improve the handling of short positions.

New presets and designs and new ways of crypto trading will soon be available to users.

Stay with us and follow the news! Good luck!

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