Should Bible believers invest into Cryptocurrencies? Bible and cryptos? Bible and cryptocurrencies in general? Crypto is a big word these days, and many are investing into them. As Bible believers, should we?
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3 thoughts on “Should Bible believers invest into Cryptocurrencies?”
  1. Does it not involve gambling, with better rates? Are we allowed to gamble, is what it looks like. Plus, it takes away precious time spent doing better things. Just thinking about the whole thing is an issue already stressing me out.

  2. Investing in non-physical e-currency that can disappear when internet is taken down or purged is foolhardy and risky. Not for believers.

  3. I dont believe believers should have anything to do with it… also if it's invested somewhere, where is it invested? is it paying for casinos? where's the money going? i've also heard the money use used to fund wicked things on the dark web..

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