Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto request to lift state of emergency measures – report

NHK reports on the matter This fits with earlier reports since last week that some Japanese prefectures are looking to ask the government to lift state of emergency measures at the end of the month. Besides Tokyo, an earlier report also suggests that this should be the case. Invest in yourself. See our forex education … Read more

IOTA and Dell Technology Launch a Platform to Measures the ‘Trustworthiness of Data’

IOTA (mIOTA) IOTA and Dell Technology Launch a Platform to Measures the ‘Trustworthiness of Data’ The partnership started back in 2019 when Dell Technologies launched its ‘Data Confidence Fabric.’ This demonstration paves the way for integrating systems on hardware and software devices for highly compliant institutions. On Thursday, IOTA Foundation, a blockchain-based technology firm, announced … Read more

SpeedTest app now measures your network’s ability to stream video

SpeedTest’s iOS app can now benchmark your internet’s video streaming quality, Ookla announced today. While the service typically checks general connection metrics like maximum download and upload speeds and latency, the new test is focused specifically on video. It attempts to stream at a variety of resolutions, and then measures load times and buffering. Ookla … Read more

EU’s Michel says bloc leaders agreed lockdown measures may need to be strengthened

Charles Michel is the President of the European Council   says EU is convinced that it must keep open its borders EU leaders want vaccination to accelerate  EU should be able to agree on vaccine certificates for medical purposes Comments also from  EU’S Von der Leyen  says health situation across Europe is very serious  the commission … Read more

German chancellor Merkel reportedly wants to extend lockdown measures until 15 February

Bild reports with the headline I don’t think this is much of a surprise given the current virus situation in Germany but just be aware that the announcement (alongside other potential measures) could come as soon as later today, as warned earlier here. For bank trade ideas, check out eFX Plus As a reminder, the … Read more