Despite declines in the chart for the second largest cryptocurrency, its investors are optimistic. As it turns out, in the past two weeks the number of addresses, with at least 10,000 ETH coins, has experienced a significant increase. Ethera’s whales are coming!

The current situation on the ETH chart

After Ether hit $ 1,347.93 per coin, it began to decline. As a result, the price of this cryptocurrency has not yet exceeded its 2018 ATH of $ 1,432.88.

The weakening in the ETH chart was only temporary, although the rate fell below $ 1,000 and recovered quickly, climbing above the line. Currently, Ether is at a negative 8% in the 7-day range.

Ethereum whales are on the rise

In the past two weeks, the number of users with at least 10,000 ETH has multiplied. This phenomenon was reported by the Santiment platform, emphasizing that the increase was 4.2%.

An increase of Ethereum whales, source:

At the same time, the company mentioned that the whales are not leaving Ethereum in crowds, quite the opposite!

Interest in the Ethereum project is growing

It is worth paying attention to the increase in the frequency of entering the word “ethereum” in the Google search engine. According to statistics, users are looking for information about this project much more intensively than during the bull market 3 years ago.

It should also be mentioned that the ETH rate has doubled in value since mid-December 2020. Many analysts forecast further increases in Ether!

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