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50 thoughts on “TOP 3 Cryptocurrencies 2018 – Programmer explains”
  1. My personal favorite would be HedgeConnect project. The project had contents and makes sense the most. Investors funds are not centralized to a single money making project, they are spread to other platforms and promising ICOs. Team contains a lot of experienced people and they are active 24/7 on their telegram group.

  2. what do you think about nebulas force?! no more fork? lightning? scalabitlité++ interseting project with big team. they says that token on ethereum can easyly transfer to NAS, and their google/ranking thing? sounds interesting? whats ur point of view about NAS? hope youll talk about it soon….they have big promise in Q1 2018….

  3. Guys dont forget , more than 90% of coins and tokens are not sure about them future like gambling. Only a few will survive in the future. Do your research before buying and be sceptic. My top 3 after reseach is digixdao, Electroneum and ripple.

  4. Ivan I really appreciate your contribution to the Crypto community!
    I agree EOS is a great project, but I think they very very greedy on the ICO stage and raising way too much money! Now they are LOADED with cash (or Ether, BTC) and they can do a lot with it, but it is also a risk to have so much money so early on in a company that is virtually a startup!! (..for those who do not know… statistically 80-90 % of start-up fail in first 2-4 years, ICO and crypto environment has the same math!)

  5. So Bitcoin is worth $150000000000
    and Satoshi took 1/21 of these for himself
    and there are 2080 hours in a work year
    and say it took 3 years to write Bitcoin.

    Satoshi has been paid over a million dollars per hour for his work on the project. No more profitable job in the world than creating a crypto that people decide to adopt!

    Can someone double check my maths?

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  7. Ivan you were very close in th Best coins for 2018. Congrats.
    But the real list is
    You’re welcome 😜

  8. No one seems to review coins that are not yet popular. ECA and PHO have solid devs, but didn't have ICOs or much hype. These are coins that will increase in value once people know about them.

  9. To summarize feedbacks for Ivan and all buyers interested, "Top 10+ Cryptocurrencies for the year 2018", from popularity viewpoint:
    I just found out — per word frequency — in all comments for this video, up to this moment, the top 10 mentioned coins — in descending order are (eos, bitcoin, iota, cardano, ethereum, raibolocks, neo, ada, icx, litecoin)! details below. EOS mentioned 263 times, iota 116 times, etc. here is the list:

    263 eos
    200 bitcoin+btc
    156 bitcoin
    116 iota
    94 ethereum+eth
    69 cardano
    59 ethereum
    54 Raiblocks
    51 neo
    50 ada
    44 btc
    40 litecoin+ltc
    35 eth
    27 icx
    23 litecoin
    21 ripple
    21 lisk
    20 monero
    18 verge
    18 substratum
    17 xrb
    17 omg
    17 ltc
    14 tron
    14 nem

    blah, blah, the list is too long and I can't completed it! (Apparently in above list, bitcoin=btc, ethereum=eth, litecoin=ltc, so the statistics should be merged, but I only jump start it for top 20 as above, the rest are left for the diligent miners. )

    The interested people can ask me for the complete list of word frequency, then "mine it out" — the rest of "low mentioned coins" by yourself 🙂

  10. 1. Monero for privacy and anonymity. (When you want to get real about crypto)
    2. Bcash or Litecoin for everyday transaction (pizza, donations etc.)
    3. Bitcoin and Ethereum for investments.
    4. Minor altcoins for day trading. (Because they move a lot and fast)
    5. Monero, Ethereum and other Asic-resistant for mining.

  11. Ivan – can you cover ENG. Seems a coin with huge promise.. Almost the platform's platform for Data privacy…

  12. 1. ENG (~ all MIT team solving scale and encryption/ privacy)
    2. NULS – modular plug/play blockchain
    3. EVE or SHIFT

  13. please equalize your audio level between videos so its not super loud from the next auto play video and then super quiet on the next

    good work though!

  14. but bitshares failed.. Dan Larmier is too much of an idealist, I doubt he will be able to follow through his commitment to EOS. it's possible to hit rocks and he'll be gone by then because he's not a good executor

  15. Ivan,
    FUN Funfair seems a wonderful opportunity. your thoughts and how long should it take to get moving?

  16. Hey Ivan,
    I know this video is old now, but I was wondering if you could do a video on WAN. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it from a developer's perspective, and see if you think it has the chops to compete with the likes of EOS and ETH.
    Love the channel!

  17. VEN/VET how well will vechain perform in the future? It seems to have very huge utilitarian weight.

  18. can I buy Eos yet without worrying about registering my coins or snapshots or switching from erc20 token?

  19. Codexs
    Great picks for 2018 guys, keep on eye them. Lots of money 💰to be made.💲🚀

  20. Why should anyone pay for a decentralized alternative of the current internet, when it's already working fine now??
    Steemit for example is only an experiment that shows that blockchain works for all kind of applications.
    The only right method is to engineer a DAG-based Platform, that is scalable und fee-less.

    Even for it's beta-status, IOTA is the most promising protocol at the moment.
    EOS is not scalable.
    That is something that a good programmer should know, ivan.

    Please correct me if i am wrong.

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