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21 thoughts on “URGENT!!!! BITCOIN IS RIGHT NOW DOING WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!! [exact targets..]”
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    00:00 Intro
    02:50 BITCOIN INSANE BREAKOUT TODAY!!!!!!!! (exact target)
    12:35 ETHEREUM WILL ALSO BREAK!!! (targets)
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    18:27 DavinciJ15's TOP 3 Altcoins (I like two of them)
    28:40 Outtro



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  3. I Have noticed via the volume at 47.9 Billion over this week have noticed this coming down is that hence why the price is jumping if can clarify

  4. While you are focusing on profits with cryptos, social media deprive us of freedom of speech. Your ego and greed feed the NWO. The elite has cleverly responded to our humanity as in 'The wealth of nations'. Welcome to our future (technocracy, transhumanism) communism wrapped in big techs power socialism. This is what most people apparently want.

  5. Christina Lagarde geht demnächst online. Wird ihre Ankündigung den Bären in die Karten spielen und Paniksells verursachen?

  6. Your facial expressions in the thumbnails of all your videos is extremely off putting and could drive subscribers away. I like your channel but for the love of all that is holy, try and look normal in the thumbnails.

  7. I use to like you…
    Now your videos are all about gaining more viewer
    And each time emergency video for blabla
    Im unsuscribing…

  8. As ETORO no longer has option to CFD trade up to 2 x for Bitcoin, please can anyone advise which apps allow CFD trading up to many multiples on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for retail traders?

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  10. Chris, please, turn on subtitles on your videos in the YouTube settings, well, they are absolutely necessary! Thank you, you saw great content)

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