29 thoughts on “What’s Ahead for Cryptocurrencies in 2021?”
  1. Crypto is an escape for investors that don't want the crash to affect totally. This is why a selected few that understand the times are taking up the opportunity of investing in cryptocurrencies mostly bitcoin , bitcoin price 32 formerly 9k this time last year

  2. They really have spelled it out for you. Humanity's new lock, chain, and crypt. Sounds exciting!!! Where do I sign up??

  3. Singapore is winning big in the cryptocurrency space, after state-sponsored DBS launched Asia's biggest exchange called TemaseKrypto. Now more than ever, Singapore will be the biggest safe haven for illicit wealth and money-laundering center of Asia.

  4. Bitcoin will make u a millionaire just sell all stocks gold everything to buy bitcoin ..it will be 500000 in 2 years

  5. Fidelity, Skybridge Capital, MassMutual, Shopify, PayPal, Spedn, NCR, Alzashop, Litecoin visa card and much more

    The future for Bitcoin and Łitecoin is looking more bullish every day.

  6. Let's go $100k Caroline… but this is not financial advice.

    Easy to see why you've got a big smile on your face, it's that same smile everybody with the secret crypto knowledge seems to possess.

  7. Catherine should have explained the difference between a hack and an exit scam or bug in the code, also there is a difference between a hack on an exchange and a coin / blockchain itself. Bitcoin has NEVER been "hacked" and never will be.

  8. Honestly Bitvest24 has made such a huge difference in my finance because one, it’s just so easy to use and two, it works just as promised. I bought 7 day as I wanted to give it a bit of time before I make a verdict. I’m in my 7th day, and what I noticed was how quick the withdrawal process Was and I got paid.

  9. They're just getting the sheep ready for the one world currency. In the end the governments will just ban it, possibly allowing holders to turn it in for fedcoin. Gold is the winner for privacy and preserving your wealth outside the system.

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